You can’t build your wedding business in 15 minutes. That would be amazing, right? But it’s impossible.

Or is it?

I’m not suggesting that you can build an entire empire in just fifteen minutes. However, I want you to know you CAN continue to build your wedding business even when you’re incredibly busy. Have you got a full-time job? Do you have a spouse or partner who would enjoy some of your time and attention? Perhaps you have children? What about family you’re close to? Naturally, your schedule is full of work, life, the universe and everything.

It might feel overwhelmingly difficult to keep building your wedding business with so many other things going on. I understand that feeling. It took me twenty days to get this article fully outlined, written, researched and edited. I know what you’re going through!

Because I know the struggle of trying to find time and ways to build your business while juggling many other things, I wanted to share these 15 tips. These fifteen suggestions for ways you can build your business can be done in 15 minutes or less – I’ve done them all!

My suggestion to you is to read this article, then make a few notes on a couple of things you want to try first. Then, when you have a few minutes, work on implementing JUST ONE of these business building tips this week.

You are already amazing. I want to help you take it to the next level. Please share in the comments what you’re going to try first!

Build a Better Wedding Business - 15 Ways You Can Build Your Business Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes

1. Create an eye-catching social media graphic to share on one of your timelines.

Canva makes this easy with ready-to-go templates for anything and everything you might want to share. Templates are available for any social media platform, so you can create a couple of these in no time at all. Even if you’re just saying ‘hi’ or sharing a quote, it’s another way your customers can relate to you.

Knowing you’re active is important to them – they want to connect with a real person.

2. Brainstorm future content for your wedding business website and social media profiles.

We all get busy, so having a future content plan is critical. Knowing what you’re going to write or talk about before you do it makes it significantly easier.

When it comes time to sit down and write out a few new blog posts for the week, you’ll already have a list of ideas. Make notes as they come up, of course, but if you have just 15 minutes – brainstorm. Write everything down. Nothing is a stupid idea. You can refine the list later.

3. Write a standard email you can reuse to connect with people and companies in your niche and location.

Craft a short-but-sweet email you can use over and over again. You will want to reach out to bloggers, writers and businesses related to your product or service in the future. Having a friendly template ready to go will make networking easier and faster in the future. Keep it simple, just include a few things:

Hi there!  I wanted to reach out today because I saw your [website/page/blog post/Instagram] on [topic related to your business or service] and I thought it was amazing! I wanted to connect with you because I [name something you do or provide that is relevant to their services or product]. 

I would love to connect! What are your social media links? Mine are: [list your social media links]

It would be great to share your [posts/graphics/information/whatever] with my audience, and I think yours would be interested in [list an article or post you have recently published that is relevant].

It’s such a pleasure to meet you, and I hope we can work together in the future!

A second thing you can do in fifteen minutes is to actually send that email to someone you want to connect with!

Build a Better Wedding Business - 15 Ways You Can Build Your Business Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes

4. Research the “Next Level” steps for your wedding business.

What is going to move you to the next level of your business? Have you thought about it? If you have figured out what you want to do next, it’s time to break down that level into actionable, achievable steps.

For instance, is your next level having a blog? Start researching what that means. How will you implement it into your website? How will you ‘launch’ the blog to your readers? What content will you have already published when it goes live? What will your readers need most from you?

Is your next level creating a free opt-in to build your email list? What kind of free opt-in do you want to offer? Have you polled your readers to find out what they want and need most? Once you decide, you can outline what the offering will be, and break it down into steps to design/write/build as well.

5. Build a list of useful and interesting graphics or links to share with your audience.

Having content to reach for when you want to share something is important. Don’t waste time getting lost on the internet by scheduling an hour to ‘find quality content.’ When you have fifteen minutes to spare, find a couple of things you like and save them to a list.

Keep the list handy – I use Evernote to save large pages and blocks of text, but you can just as easily keep a list of links.

6. Go Live on Facebook or Instagram.

Your followers may just be on one or the other, but the best way to get in front of them is to connect with video content. It seems really intimidating to Go Live, absolutely. But if you have something to say, why not make a video instead of writing a blog post? A picture is worth a thousand words, it is said, so how much do you think a video is worth? Get out there and find out!

If you feel afraid to go live or are worried that no one is going to watch you, that’s okay. First, we all feel that way. Second, one view is better than zero. Read this article on Medium by Gary Vaynerchuk and just do it! Matter of fact, I’m going to take my own advice and make a video after I post this!

Build a Better Wedding Business - 15 Ways You Can Build Your Business Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes

7. Create a new Pinterest board related to your wedding business.

If you get hit with an idea for something specific and directly related to your niche – make a new Pinterest board! Later, when you find something relevant and interesting, the board will already be available for your pinning pleasure.

Don’t forget to name the board using keywords and add a description to the board. If you don’t have any pins to add immediately, just keep the board secret until you’re ready to share with the world.

8. Start writing a blog post outline.

You’ve got a few minutes? You can get some work done. You don’t have to crank out an entire blog post, of course, but planning it is important, too.  Winging it has a place, but a great article depends on the layout to really make it memorable. Like a great speech, your article should have three main ‘chunks’ for maximum impact.

Tell them what you’re going to tell them.

Tell them.

Tell them what you told them.

In fifteen minutes, you can outline a couple of those ‘chunks’ and be better prepared to write the full article later. Additionally, you can come up with a really striking opening statement or nail the closing sentence.

9. Schedule some future social media posts.

It feels great when you can proactively schedule content. Fifteen minutes is enough time to add a few posts to Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, Facebook or whatever platform you use. This can open up your schedule later for something more time-consuming!

Build a Better Wedding Business - 15 Ways You Can Build Your Business Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes

10. Connect with your audience on social media.

If you have fifteen minutes, you can reply to retweets or direct messages on Twitter. You can say “thank you” to anyone who shared your Facebook posts on their timeline. Ask a question on the posts of your followers. Leave a thoughtful comment on a blog post.

11. Assess your energy management.

Are you a morning person or an evening person? Depending on your habits and proclivities, you may want to rearrange your work schedule. That doesn’t mean you no longer answer the phone before 11am, but it means you prioritize the work that requires the most energy for when you have the most energy.

If you’re a morning person, you should be doing your most creative, energy-consuming work when you have the most energy – in the morning. Anything that doesn’t require a lot of intensity or energy – such as expense reports and replying to emails – should be done later in the day when you have depleted energy resources.

If you’re a night owl, save your creative work until you’re at your most energized. Keep the boring, rote tasks for first thing in the day when you’re not quite at top speed. Coordinate your energy with the tasks that need it most.

Fifteen minutes of brainstorming a list of things that require more energy and focus will help you prioritize those tasks later!

12. Find inspiration and tools for focus.

Do you know how you spend your time? The tip about assessing your energy management was focusing on what time of day you do things.

Finding ways to stay focused when you’re working is as important as when you do the work. If you’re the kind of person who stays focused when time-crunched, consider using a tool like Toggl. If you need structure to your tasks, consider using Asana or Trello to manage them.

Keep your brain focused with music designed to do exactly that. Check out Focus@will or for music designed to help your brain work better.

Build a Better Wedding Business - 15 Ways You Can Build Your Business Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes

13. Plan tomorrow, today.

Oh, this might be my favorite of all, mostly because I give a talk on how to be more productive using this technique. Planning tomorrow today gives you the opportunity to own your time before it gets away from you. If you have just fifteen minutes, consider using that time to plan tomorrow, or even to schedule out part of your next week.

Sometimes we schedule ourselves “me time” but we’re too exhausted to take it and do anything restorative. Often, we schedule an hour to work on something we need to do, but another task gets in the way. Occasionally, our days just end up on ‘autopilot’ and we don’t get to focus on things we are passionate about.

Fifteen minutes will give you enough time to think about your top tasks for tomorrow. Use the 139 Productivity Method outlined in this article, and then create a short list of things you should do tomorrow. At the end of fifteen minutes, you’ll already feel more productive and ready to be successful.

14. Find a new way to connect with your ideal customers.

Start a Quora profile. There are SO many questions being posted by people all day, every day. Set up your Quora profile to notify you of questions that are relevant to your interests. Then, when you have fifteen minutes, write an answer to one of them.

You have experience and knowledge to share, so share it! The people reading it may not be in your area or need your services, but when someone googles you, this information will show up – cementing your position as an expert in your niche.

15. Have you created a Facebook Page for your wedding business services or products?

Creating a Facebook Page should take less than 15 minutes, and is an excellent way for future clients to find you. The process is easy:

Visit and select the type of Facebook page that most closely matches your business.

Build a Better Wedding Business - 15 Ways You Can Build Your Business Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes

  • Your Company Profile Picture should be a logo, if you have a square version. Alternatively, a professional shot of you is perfect here. Use a high-quality image that highlights you or your business.
  • Fill in the about section, adding relevant keywords. Your vanity URL should match your business name as closely as possible.
  • Add a cover photo that is eye-catching and inspires the reader to take action. What do you want them to do first? This should relate to the biggest pain point you know your customers have. The perfect size for a Facebook cover photo is 828px by 315px. You can create a lovely image on for free!
  • Link the featured CTA button! It’s the easiest way to get your customer to a landing page that you manage. The best way to use this button is to send them to a page where you can exchange a freebie for their email.

Here’s an example of where to fill those parts in:

Build a Better Wedding Business - 15 Ways You Can Build Your Business Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes

What are you going to try first? Share your thoughts or – even better – a link!

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