You’ve spent precious time writing blog posts and creating content that will build engagement and be truly helpful to your readers. When you hit publish or click a button to send the email, do you ever wonder if your words are actually being read?

I totally get that feeling. I feel the same way sometimes.

I have learned over time that there are two things you absolutely must do to build engagement with your ideal clients and readers:

  • Be a tremendously helpful and informative resource for those you serve.
  • Do what it takes to get eyes on your helpful and informative resources.

Building a relationship with your followers, clients, and readers is key to building your business. People will always prefer doing business with others that they know and trust with help them achieve their goals.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some tried and true ideas for building relationships and increasing engagement on your website.

Build a Better Wedding Business - 3 Extremely Easy Ways to Build Engagement With Your Audience

Build engagement by being helpful in Facebook groups

You are likely a member of at least ONE Facebook group. In fact, you’re probably a member of several!

Many wedding-related Facebook groups are a place for brides (and some grooms) to ask questions and express their struggles and frustrations. People want to feel heard and understood during the most important time of their lives. They want their questions to be answered, and they are often asking those questions in groups.

Make sure your engagement in these communities focuses on service, not sales. You can step in and answer questions or provide helpful tips and resources. People will begin to associate you with a specific topic and helpful information.

Don’t forget to join the Build a Better Wedding Business Facebook group – you can share YOUR frustrations and struggles to other professionals in the wedding industry and get feedback, encouragement, and support.

Build a Better Wedding Business - 3 Extremely Easy Ways to Build Engagement With Your Audience

Follow the ABC – Always Be Collecting

If you’re participating in these groups, or getting emails from clients with questions that you then answer – you’re gathering valuable information. You should keep track of the struggles, comments, frustrations, frequently asked questions, etc. of your ideal clients.

Get out of your own head. Stop thinking of the ways YOU want to help your clients. Learn from them, so that you can provide what they NEED. What is your ideal customer truly struggling with? You can figure that out by listening to them.

I’ve created a spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of the questions, struggles and comments you see frequently posted by your ideal clients. This will help you when it comes time to sell your product or services – you’ll know exactly what they need AND how to demonstrate your value!

Build a Better Wedding Business - 3 Extremely Easy Ways to Build Engagement With Your Audience

Build a Better Wedding Business - 3 Extremely Easy Ways to Build Engagement With Your Audience

Give them a reason to keep clicking

No one loves a high bounce rate. Aside from a page taking forever to load, do you know the biggest reason a customer leaves your site after reading just one page?

Because you didn’t tell them not to.

People don’t instinctively know what to do next on a website or after reading an email. They need to be told and the best person to do that is you! Here are a few ideas to increase engagement and keep someone connected longer:

  • End your blog posts with a call to action.
  • End your emails with a call to action.
  • Ask a question.
  • Make a one-question poll they can answer.
  • Link to a related article on your site.
  • Offer a free downloadable resource.
  • Link to your products with a ‘buy now’ button.
  • Link to another website that has helpful content (where appropriate).
  • Use a ‘Share’ button on your blog posts.
  • Include a message requesting that they forward the email to a friend.

Letting someone know the next step keeps the relationship open and lets them get to know you better. Offering helpful resources without asking for anything in return (except an email and maybe their name) is great. Asking them to share the post or forward the email to a friend is ideal for building engagement AND an audience.

Speaking of which, please share this article with one other professional in the wedding industry. I’d love to help more people, and I’m sure you know at least one person who could benefit from this information on how to build engagement!

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