Do you really know what you’re doing when you choose – and use – particular keywords on your site? You might be using them incorrectly, or using the wrong ones. Here are seven creative and crafty ways to use keywords correctly on your site.

What are you sharing with your potential clients?

Anything you post to your website should be valuable to your potential customers.  Potential customers simply won’t read it and become paying customers otherwise.  “Think before you speak” applies as “Think before you write.”

Build a Better Wedding Business - 7 Creative Ways to Use Keywords Correctly

What is important, valuable information you can pass on to your potential customers and customers?

Are you providing it in a way that entices them and makes them want to return to your website?

Are your potential clients reading what you are sharing?

You can have the most valuable information available on the internet, but if no one ever sees it, it isn’t doing anyone any good.  To make sure that your future clients are finding what you’re sharing, make sure you are using targeted keywords.

Search engines are a valuable tool to increase traffic to your site IF you’re helping them find you.  Don’t think you can just scatter a few keywords around your website and hope they will get picked up by search engines.  There are a few steps you can take to be sure you get the right keywords – and the right keywords are getting you in front of the right audience.

1. Do diligent research on various keywords

Research to see how many people are searching for words that will bring them to your site. There are tools available from Google and other software developers that can help make the process easier for you.

2. Target low competition, niche keywords

Google Adwords can be very helpful to see how competitive a keyword is before you decide to use it. Solo Build It for WordPress is also a highly recommended tool for keyword research.

Build a Better Wedding Business - 7 Creative Ways to Use Keywords Correctly

3. Think outside your main keywords

Try to think freely – don’t be restrained by what you’ve been told works. Choosing the right targeting keywords isn’t just about the using the most popular keywords.   For example, as a wedding florist, just using ‘wedding flowers’ isn’t going to bring traffic your way. Target specific things like “creative wedding flowers” or “organic Richmond wedding flowers” instead, and you’ll get visitors to your site others targeting just wedding flowers won’t get.

4. Use keywords your ideal clients would use

Think about how your target market thinks and what they might be looking for. How would they phrase it? Figure out those keywords and put them on your site – but keep it real. Always think of your clients first.  They want quality information, not stacks of keywords.

5. Share your keywords naturally

Once you have that high-quality information, you should write between 200-300 words for each keyword used.  Google considers 300 words to be the minimum a useful blog post or web page should have, according to Yoast SEO. Each page of at least 300 words should feature around three to five keywords or phrases, but don’t force it.  Keywords must be used naturally, so they flow within the content of your site.

6. Create interesting, unique titles and descriptions for each page or post

Search engines are just machines. They can’t assess your website to determine what your subject is or how relevant each page is to users if you use the same keywords for each page on your site.

Build a Better Wedding Business - 7 Creative Ways to Use Keywords Correctly

7. Let search engines know where to find things.

Create a site map telling search engines where everything is on your site. Search engines like site maps because it demonstrates the logical order of your entire site – including how keywords relate to each page. You may only get around 1% click through rate, a site map will be helpful for those who know what to do with them.  

Just following these steps won’t automatically get you on the first few pages of the search results.

You’ve got to be creative – crafty, even. There are too many companies who do the basics – but they don’t take it to the next level. In order to rank highly in search engine results, you need to build popularity.  One way to do that is by having other, relevant sites link to yours.

Be aware: search engines are calibrated better these days, though, so link-back chains don’t provide the results they did a decade ago. In fact, they’ll even put your site lower in the results than you would if you had no links at all!

The best way to get others to link to your site is by offering great information and building relationships. In my article on 15 Ways to Build Your Business, I suggested reaching out to other businesses like yours that you could partner with. That’s an excellent way to build natural, effective and useful links to your website using keywords.

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