You have determined your focus and figured out what you want to do in the morning. You know what you don’t want to or need to do, and where to find the extra time needed. Now it’s time to put it all together in creating a new morning game plan.

Build a Better Wedding Business - 7 Days to a Better Morning - Create Your Morning Game Plan

How Can You Create Your Morning Game Plan?

The best place to start is with those new priorities that are most important to you. What is a preliminary time during which you want to get them accomplished?

If your goal is to go for a run in the morning, it might be best to accomplish that first thing before getting a shower and having breakfast.

If your goal is to take 20 minutes to meditate, read or learn something each morning, you may decide it would work best after you’ve had a cup of coffee.

If your goal is to find some time for your favorite hobby in the morning, you could carve out some time before everyone else gets up.

The same goes for wanting time in the morning to work on building your business.

Then work the rest of your morning chores around these new plans. It may take some shuffling around of tasks and some effort to mix up your current routine. With a little creative thinking and a bit of flexibility, I’m sure you can come up with a morning game plan that works.

Build a Better Wedding Business - 7 Days to a Better Morning - Create Your Morning Game Plan

Write Down Your New Morning Game Plan

Creating a better morning by coming up with a new morning game plan isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. It takes a little while to get into the grove of things. We’ll look at this in a little more detail tomorrow. For right now, my suggestion is that you write your new morning game plan down. It’s easy to forget what you’re planning to do. Writing it down will not only give you a reference to refer back to, but also solidify your new plan in your mind.

Keep your morning game plan on your night table or somewhere else where you’ll see it first thing. It will serve as a reminder of what you’re intending to do. It will also remind you of how you will do it differently in the morning now.

Even as your write down your morning game plan, realize that it’s not written in stone. The well-laid out plans don’t always work when put into action. Adjust it and make changes as needed until you come up with a new morning game plan that works well for you and the rest of your family. Once you have that it’s time to make it the new routine… something we’ll talk more about tomorrow.

Take Action

Write down your new morning game plan. Include the times you plan to act on each item in the plan. Keep it somewhere you’ll see it first thing!

Share your morning game plan below!

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