“What is your brand mission statement?”

If someone asked you what your brand mission statement is, what would you say? Would you feel panicked or put on the spot? Would you be able to articulate it instantly and clearly?

It might seem like an intimidatingly professional question, especially if you work as an entrepreneur or as part of a small business in the wedding industry. Isn’t that something a big company should have?

Should you have a brand mission statement?

Even if it’s just you, a one-woman or one-man shop, you should have a brief statement that explains clearly what you do and the value you offer to potential clients. That’s all a brand mission statement is – a concise declaration of what you’re about.

Build a Better Wedding Business - How to create a brand mission statement that truly reflects you

Creating your brand mission statement

Crafting a mission statement is as easy as stating what you do, who you do it for and what the benefits of your product or service are.

Answer the following few questions to start creating your personal or company brand mission statement. Don’t over-think your answers or spend too long trying to get each one perfect.

Grab a pen and some paper then work through these few short questions. You can also download the FREE Brand Mission Statement workbook here:

Step One: Who do I serve?

Who you serve can be a list of characteristics or phrases that describe the person you want to work with.

Step Two: Why do I care?

Create a brief overview of why you chose to work in your profession, in this role.

Step Three: What do I provide?

This could be you, personally or your company. What are the services and products you provide? List the problems you are solving.

Step Four: What is the benefit to my clients?

Don’t think of what you offer in terms of features. There are specific benefits that your customer or client will receive from using your product or service – what are they? What relief do they feel from the problems you are solving for them?

Step Five: What do I offer that’s different from everyone else?

This is the hardest part, but do your best to think of compliments you receive. Can you list what you offer that makes you special? What do you get complimented on and what characteristics do people rave about? How do those things reflect in your work?

Build a Better Wedding Business - How to create a brand mission statement that truly reflects you

Putting together a brand mission statement that reflects you

You’ve answered five very important questions about what you do, who you serve, why you care, what the benefits are from working with you and what makes you special. To narrow it down, take a few minutes to review your answers. Highlight or circle the words that really stand out or resonate with you.

Take those words or phrases that really feel right and start mixing and matching them together into complete sentences. Really write them out – don’t just imagine the sentences. Seeing it on paper will help you understand the statements that feel right (and those that don’t). Here are a few suggestions for ways you can fit them together:

[what’s different > what you provide > why you care > who you serve]
[who you serve > why you care > what you provide > what’s different]
[what you provide > what’s different > what’s the benefit > why you care]
[what you provide > who you serve > what’s different > why you care]

Refine your statement

Now that you have a few ideas, it’s time to trim down your statement to one or two sentences at most. Try to keep the words as simple as possible, avoiding big words when a small one will do.

Then, read your statement aloud. Does it sound right? Does it feel right? If it feels good to you, move to the next part; if not, refine it.

Read it to your dog, your family, your friends. Do they feel like they ‘get it’ or do they require some explanation to understand what your mission statement means? Make sure your statement uses simple, easy-to-understand words. Could a child understand it?

Build a Better Wedding Business - How to create a brand mission statement that truly reflects you

Finalize your statement

Write down your final brand mission statement and keep it somewhere you can see it every day. Print it out and frame it or use it in a mood board. This is your driving force!

Your brand mission statement should be somewhere on your website and, when possible, in the profile or bio sections of your social media accounts. This brand mission statement is your response to “What do you do?” when networking, meeting new people or connecting with potential clients.

There will be times in the future when you feel overwhelmed by choice and possibilities. When that happens, look to your brand mission statement to guide you. If your choice doesn’t resonate with your brand mission statement, reconsider why you’re making that choice.

So. “What’s your brand mission statement?”

I challenge you to share this article and with it, your brand mission statement. As you do so, ask your friends, family and network to share theirs. It’s a great way to connect with and truly understand people around you! You can also find this article on Medium.com

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