Are you trying to grow your business through advertising and marketing? Of course you are. Do you know exactly what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong on each platform? Probably not. If you truly want to reach and connect with your ideal customer, there are a few improvements you need to make to your approach. Here is one of the three major ways you can improve your Facebook Ads.

Improve Your  Facebook Ads Targeting

The first thing Facebook asks you to do when you start to create a new ad is to determine your audience. Figuring out your audience can be incredibly fun and tremendously daunting, all at the same time. It’s especially difficult if you haven’t taken the time to figure out your Ideal Client.

Build a Better Wedding Business - Target your ideal clients through facebook ads

Target people who want to – or are likely to – buy your product or service

One of the easiest ways to improve your Facebook ads targeting is to stop thinking you need to create a broad audience. It’s a huge mistake to think that you need to target everyone. Just like determining your niche, it’s important to narrow down your audience to only those people who you can truly help – and who want to buy your product or service.

Build a Better Wedding Business

How do you know who those people are?

You’re not a mind-reader. If you already knew how to target your ideal client with laser precision, you wouldn’t need this article. Rather than making your best guess or doing exhaustive research, rely on Facebook to find those people for you.

Start by making a list of about 15 leaders in your niche. Don’t include the gigantic, obvious ones. As a wedding professional, you aren’t going to get a great return by writing down Wedding Wire or TheKnot. You’ve done your market research: what are the publications, websites, organizations or ‘influencers’ in your niche? Write those down.

Once you have your list created, use each of those items as a ‘term’ in the “interests” section of the Create an Audience page. Some of your leaders aren’t going to be found by Facebook and some are, but don’t worry. If it’s not found by Facebook as an interest or a Page, then continue to the next item on your list. Hopefully, you’ll have at least 5 – 8 that work out and that can help you build a really effective target audience.

Here’s an image of what it might look like:

Build a Better Wedding Business - find your ideal clients through Facebook ad targeting

In short, target what your ideal audience wants to feel or receive as a benefit of using your product or service, not the exact person who might benefit from it.

When do you know your audience is ‘right’?

Once you’ve found your interests and pages that build an audience, consider how big your audience is and make the location is appropriate for what you’re offering as a product or service. It’s important to have a large enough audience size to get enough eyes on your ad, but you don’t want it to be too diluted and lose effectiveness.

Build a Better Wedding Business - Meet Your Clients

You are still able to filter this audience by age and gender as well as other specific targeting parameters. You should save this audience! If it works out well for this ad, you may want to use these same settings again!

In another article, we’ll talk about Improving Your Images. Meanwhile, share below if you make these changes to your next Facebook Ads campaign! Come join the Build a Better Wedding Business Facebook Group and connect with other wedding industry professionals!

Build a Better Wedding Business - Improve your Facebook ads with better targeting

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