When you’re getting started as a wedding industry professional, your first goal is to connect with your future clients and customers, because customers = money.

Making money doing what you love is the ultimate form of job satisfaction, right?

You need to connect with people who love what you do and to do that, you need to harness the power of a visual story on your social media accounts. The idea is to build your online presence by sharing your work and your style in a way that builds trust and a friendly rapport. To set the stage for a long and healthy relationship, there are a few things you should know when you begin building an amazing Instagram account.

Start with a Private Account

When you’re just starting out, keep your new Instagram account private until you have at least 10-15 solid posts on your profile. Don’t just post a bunch of junk to load the page, because that’s just spam. Make sure what you share at the beginning sets the tone for the kind of value you intend to provide. Keeping your account private until you’ve established a few quality posts sets you up for success right away, rather than looking like a super-new account.

Start with a Strong Bio

Your Instagram bio should be efficient and succinct. It should state exactly what you do and what you’re looking for. This is how your ideal follower will find you and know that you are the kind of person they want to know. You only have 150 words to write a good bio on Instagram, so use good keywords that will attract the right person. Make sure it’s unique to Instagram and uses your target keywords – don’t just use what you have on Facebook or Twitter. You can use emojis, and unlike other social media platforms, they can actually enhance your bio!

Start with a Plan

Your feed/pictures should have a cohesive theme – people should KNOW what you do right away. There should be no confusion about who you are and what you are offering.

Start with a Separate Account

Don’t clutter your business feed with random personal things. Keep them separate. Instagram allows you to log into multiple accounts from your phone app – use it! Unless your company is your personal brand, in which case you should carefully cultivate what you choose to share and keep the styles of images you post cohesive.

Start Creating a Connection

Not only should your Instagram account be an experience where your ideal followers get to know you, your life and your likes – they should understand what you are about as a brand. That is what helps your followers really connect with you – and since weddings are such an emotional process, the emotional connection is key. These images create a bond that goes far beyond what words and status updates can convey.

Start with an Ideal Follower Profile

Who are you trying to attract? Understanding your target follower is just as important as what you post. Spend some time outlining an Ideal Follower and think about what they’re looking for.
  • What kind of businesses is your Ideal Follower attracted to/purchasing from/looking at? Is your business listed in the same categories as those? If not, why?
  • Where is your Ideal Follower located? Does your brand reflect that location?
  • Do you know the kinds of Products your Ideal Follower purchases? Can you identify what those brands do on their Instagram that you can do?
  • What kinds of Event is your Ideal Follower likely to attend? Can you infer anything about his or her life and desires with this information?
  • Lastly, what kinds of emotions are you trying to cause your Ideal Follower to feel? This goes beyond just the demographics of your target audience into how to truly connect with them when they’re on your Instagram page.

Start with the Right Hashtags

It’s so important to put some thought behind your hashtag choices. Do you truly know what your target audience is searching for? Spend time in the hashtag hubs and do specific research. Read all of them, don’t just copy and paste. You’ll find you end up with some weird, unintended hashtags if you aren’t careful!
Come up with a list of 25-50 hashtags that relate to your brand. Group them according to the image styles you’ll be sharing. Keep the list handy so that you can post them easily.

These are simple but powerful ways you can leverage Instagram to Build a Better Wedding Business. Which of these seven ideas will you try first?

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