Christa King - Founder,

Maigen was my saving grace and she couldn’t have entered my world at a better time. I’ve been struggling with gaining traction with my company, Fitlandia, which is in the crowded fitness industry.

Recently, I’d found some really good seeds starting with my online nutrition programs, but there was still so much lacking. I didn’t have a good free offer, no low “tripwire” program, nor a solid flow from one program to the other; no connection.

Together Maigen and I reviewed the offerings, brainstormed ideas to improve them and actually created the names, pricing, value components and key messaging posts to hit on. The clarity I have now is unbelievable.

So why do you need to work with Maigen on your business? Well, I had started the meeting saying I was likely going to shed a tear or two because I was feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated. Straight away she said, “No you won’t. We’re going to have fun.” She was spot on. Not only is she incredibly savvy and creative, but her delivery is positive, clear, and to the point. I loved her no BS approach and really feel like our work together is creating magic.

Do not hesitate to work with this woman. She’s just brilliant and the spark I needed to relight the fire in me and my business.

Christa King – Founder, FitlandiaFitness