Jennifer Michels, Green in BloomI’m so grateful for Maigen Thomas. Her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm are both inspiring. Through our work on my branding and marketing efforts, she helped me discover things I really needed that I didn’t even know about. I got a ton of compliments on my updated website after I implemented her suggested changes. I was delighted with how often I heard the difference from my clients about their experience on my site; they loved it too!

Maigen’s ideas for how to tackle the challenges of growing my business are creative and her guidance is invaluable. She doesn’t just advise me, she excels at creating different avenues for me to achieve the results I need. She listens to my concerns and her suggestions around them always work, often after just one day!

Her professional but approachable nature is my favorite thing about her. It really puts me at ease and lessens my stress. She knows her stuff and I recommend her to everyone that wants to enjoy making true progress in their business.

Jennifer Michels – Green in Bloom