What is the client experience? When it comes to the wedding industry, we all know that the client experience truly is everything. It’s already an extremely fraught, highly stressful time. In order to be successful, you need to focus on that deeply emotional experience and make it better.

Be a vendor your clients don’t have to worry about or check up on. Removing stress from their life is what sets you apart from your competition.

When you provide the best service to your customers and clients it benefits both of you. Personal referrals are the most desirable leads by far, you can’t ask for better marketing. Give your customers the opportunity to speak highly of you and your products or services. Giving them a reason to tell their friends is the best thing you can do for your business.
Build a Better Wedding Business - What the Client Experience Is and How to Manage It

The client experience encompasses several factors

A customer’s experience is based on your business brand and identity. It is directly influenced by your ideal clients. It relies on how special you make your clients and customers feel. Lastly, it can include marketing materials, product offering, and how you communicate.

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions:
  1. Can you articulate the type of client experience do you seek to create?
  2. What are a few of the emotions that you want your customers or clients to feel during the wedding planning process?
  3. Can you list some of the feelings you want your customers to feel after their experience with you?
  4. Do those feelings align with your brand and mission?

Consider how you can improve your client’s experience

The next part is taking that experience to the next level. What are some specific actions you can take to ensure your clients feel these emotions?
Make a list of all the possible points of contact your clients might experience over the course of your working relationship. Start with the first time they connect with you via email or over the phone. Continue to a year after their wedding when you wish them a happy first anniversary.
  1. What is your current approach to each of these exchanges?
  2. How does that approach make your customer feel?
  3. Are there improvements you can make to each step of the process?

Possible improvements you can make that improve your client’s experience

  • Communicate clearly and often with your clients.
  • Keep their information clearly organized and readily available.
  • Clearly establish expectations and requirements ahead of time.
  • Request all details you may need in plenty of time to be prepared for their wedding.

Build a Better Wedding Business - What the Client Experience Is and How to Manage It

How to ensure your clients have an amazing experience

1. Manage Client Expectations

It’s important to manage your client’s expectations from the very first point of contact. You can have a wonderful product or service, but if it is different from the experience your customer was expecting to have, there will be tension. Communication is the most important part of managing your customer’s expectations. Make sure you’re clear about products, deadlines, examples of what they will experience, and reminders of your agreement. Everyone is busy and has a lot to keep track of. It’s important that you don’t expect them to remember something in the small print of a contract signed months ago.

2. Under Promise and Over Deliver

This common principle is often overlooked, but if you truly want to create an amazing experience for your customers, you should definitely follow it. Set their expections for a longer timeline and deliver in fewer days than expected. Promise your basic package and throw in an extra gift. There are many ways to apply this, and by doing so, delight and surprise your clients. Be creative. Even if your service is straightforward and seems to have few nuances. You can find ways to add just a little something extra to the experience and stand out from the crowd.

3. Stay Consistent With Systems

The most important part of the client experience is consistency. Providing a product or service in the wedding industry will generate personal referrals and new clients who come to you will have already heard about their friend’s experience. Their expectations are set by what they know, based on the recommendation they got. If you are unable to deliver what they expect or you allow details to slip through the cracks, you will cause them to feel disappointed and stressed. Establishing and adhering to a system with reminders in place to keep focused. This will ensure that you don’t deliver late or miss a critical communication.
Build a Better Wedding Business - What the Client Experience Is and How to Manage It

Ways you can maintain consistency:

  • Maintain a set of pre-written email responses for most of your basic communications.
  • Set up an automated delivery system for these responses to save time whenever possible.
  • Schedule your email time so you’re reading and responding in batches. Rather than responding to them as they arrive, save time.
  • Consider establishing a workflow management process. You need a system to keep track of all details for each particular client and their event.

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